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Russian Program
  Russian Aeronautics (Iz. VUZ)
  (Izvestiya VUZ. Aviatsionnaya Tekhnika)
  Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Vyacheslav A. Firsov, Professor
  A.N. Tupolev Kazan State Technical University
  ISSN 1068-7998
  Vol. 50, 2007
  Published quarterly
  This journal is available online by subscription at:
  ISSN (online): 1934-7901
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  This is the only journal from the Former Soviet Union that systematically covers the field of aircraft and rocket science and engineering and is available in English. The journal publishes both theoretical and applied articles from academic and research and design institutes throughout the FSU, as well as industrial organizations. Subjects covered in the journal are:
  • Aircraft equipment
  • Flight vehicle design
  • Structural mechanics and strength of flight vehicles
  • Spacecraft and aircraft flight dynamics and flight vehicle control
  • Aero- and gas dynamics of flight vehicles and their engines
  • Aircraft and rocket engine design
  • Theory of aircraft and rocket engines
  • Aircraft instruments and instrumentation computer complexes
  • Production technologies
  • Automation of design and equipment production
  • Economical aspects of aircraft engineering
  • Conversion of aeronautical equipment and production installations
  • Ecological aspects of aircraft engineering
      Understandably, the journal emanates from the Kazan State Technical University (previously, Kazan Aviation Institute), named after the great Russian designer A.N. Tupolev. In recognition of the University's outstanding record of achievement, the Russian Ministry of Higher Education has entrusted to it the management of this journal.
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