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Russian Program
  Applied Solar Energy
  Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Mukhtar S. Saidov
  Physicotechnical Institute
  Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan
  ISSN 0003-701X
  Vol. 43, 2007
  Published quarterly
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  ISSN (online): 1934-9424
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  Applied Solar Energy is the only journal emanating from the Former Soviet Union that is solely devoted to solar energy science and technology. Published in translation since 1965, over the years this journal has been the source of many seminal articles on solar engineering. Today, it continues to publish articles on topics ranging from solar radiation, photovoltaics, and solar materials to direct conversion of solar energy into electrical energy. The following are the journal's major subject headings:
  • Accumulation of solar energy
  • Physics and chemistry of solar energy: collectors, photovoltaic cells, optical materials
  • Solar energy development in space research
  • New materials
  • Solar electric power plants and generators
  • Solar-powered heating and air-conditioning
  • Agricultural and industrial uses of solar energy
      The journal places an emphasis on various applications, such as solar devices for home and industrial uses, solar heating and cooling systems, solar power systems and units, and various agricultural uses. Also included is coverage of other renewable energy sources.
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