Chinese Program
  Journal of Materials Science & Technology
  Editor-in-Chief: Academician HU Zhuangqi
  Institute of Metal Research
  Chinese Academy of Science
  ISSN 1005-0302
  Vol. 22, 2006
  Published bimonthly
  This is the premier Chinese materials science journal and the first to be published in English. It is sponsored by the Chinese Society for Metals, the Chinese Materials Research Society and the International Centre for Materials Physics (Chinese Academy of Sciences). This express journal publishes short, original papers, letters and brief research notes covering a broad spectrum of materials and technology encompassing:
  • Metals (ferrous and nonferrous)
  • Inorganic nonmetallic materials
  • Organic polymer materials
  • Composite materials
      Throughout the journal there is an emphasis on the frontiers of advanced materials in terms of properties, constituents, preparation and characterization. This journal is designed for quick publication of research results on the cutting edge of materials science and engineering and is the one Chinese journal in this field to monitor regularly.
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