Russian Program
  Journal of Friction and Wear
  (Trenie i Iznos)
  Editor-in-Chief: Anatolii I. Sviridenok, Professor
  Metal-Polymer Research Institute
  Belorussian Academy of Sciences
  ISSN 1068-3666
  Vol. 28, 2007
  Published bimonthly
  This journal is available online by subscription at:
  ISSN (online): 1934-9386
  Distributed by Springer (see ordering information here)
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  This journal publishes theoretical and experimental papers on all aspects of the science of friction, lubrication and wear. Launched in 1980 at the initiative of V.A. Belyi, I.V. Kragelskii and others, the journal today remains the primary source of information on tribological studies in the Former Soviet Union. Topics covered in the journal are:
  • Friction physics and tribosystem thermodynamics
  • Surface characterization
  • Wear monitoring
  • Surface engineering
  • Nanotribology
  • Contact mechanics
  • Metal fatigue, wear susceptibility measurement
  • Wear-resistant materials, coatings
  • Tribology of friction pairs, durability analysis
  • Bearings: contact interaction, thermoelasticity
  • Lubricants, surfactants, grease fillers
  • Tribological design, optimization, testing
  • Tribology of alloys, self-lubricating polymers, antifriction materials
  • Biotribology
      The Journal of Friction and Wear is an indispensable reference for an extensive audience of specialists in mechanics, physics, chemistry, materials science, production engineering and lubrication engineering.
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