Japanese Program
  Japanese Journal of Tribology
  (Selective translation of Toraiborojisutu)
  Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Yuji Yamamoto
  Tribology Laboratory
  Kyushu University
  ISSN 1045-7828
  Vol. 51, 2006
  Published bimonthly
  This journal is the official organ of the Japanese Society of Tribologists. The journal publishes papers that are of both academic and industrial interest, from fundamental research to advanced applications in all areas of tribology, including contributions in the areas of physics, chemistry, mechanics, and materials science. The following topics are covered:
  • Friction and wear theory
  • Properties of lubricants and additives
  • Fluid lubrication
  • Boundary lubrication
  • Solid lubrication
  • Friction in bearings, gears and seals
  • Tribology in magnetic storage systems
  • Tribological design and engineering
  • Friction and wear in extreme environments
  • Tribology of composite and other new materials
  • Biotribology
      From time to time entire or half issues of the journal focus on specific topics such as tribology of polymer materials, biomechanisms and biotribology, deposition technology of hard coatings, tribology of hydraulic control systems, tribology of belt type CVTs, molecular dynamics simulation and its applications to tribology, tribological sound, environmentally friendly lubricants, and chemical mechanical polishing.
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