Russian Program
  Molecular Genetics, Microbiology and Virology
  (Molekulyarnaya Genetika, Mikrobiologiya i Virusologiya)
  Editor-in-Chief: Academician Evgeny D. Sverdlov, Director
  Molecular Genetics Center
  Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
  ISSN 0891-4168
  2007 Volume
  Published bimonthly
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  ISSN (online): 1934-841X
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  This journal deals with theoretical and applied topics in molecular genetics of pro- and eukaryotes, molecular microbiology and molecular virology. Special attention is paid to studies of the genetic apparatus of microorganisms, the search for genetic metabolism forms, genetic mapping of pathogenic causative agents; to investigations of the structure and functions of extrachromosomal factors of heredity and migratory genetic elements; and to theoretical studies on the mechanisms of genetic regulation.
  The journal publishes articles on the molecular and genetic elements of eukaryotic cells, the functioning of chromosomes and chromatin, the nature of genetic changes in malignant degeneration, and on a number of hereditary diseases. Also covered are the molecular bases of virology, including viral and cellular genomes integration and viral persistence.
  Research data is provided on genetic engineering, including synthesis and isolation of genes from natural foci, creation of plasmoid- and virus-based vectors, and obtaining of recombinant DNA molecules for establishing gene banks of microorganisms, animals and humans. Articles on the biotechnological production of hormones, components of antiviral vaccines and diagnostic and therapeutic preparations are included in the journal's scope of coverage.
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