Russian Program
  Moscow University Geology Bulletin
  (Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta. Geologiya)
  Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Boris A. Sokolov, Dean
  Faculty of Geology
  Moscow State University
  ISSN 0145-8752
  Vol. 62, 2007
  Published bimonthly
  This journal is available online by subscription at
  ISSN (online): 1934-8436
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  The Faculty of Geology at Moscow State University is the largest educational and scientific geological center in Russia and its Bulletin publishes articles on research being conducted by some of Russia's most prominent geologists. The journal covers all areas of the Former Soviet Union, all geological disciplines and all periods of the Earth's history. The main subjects covered are:
  • Dynamic geology
  • Geology and geochemistry of mineral and fuel resources
  • Lithology and marine geology
  • Petrology and mineralogy
  • Crystallography and crystallochemistry
  • Hydrogeology
  • Engineering and ecological geology
  • Geocryology
  • Neotectonics, fault tectonics and movements
  • Geophysical exploration methods
      Special attention has been given lately to research in geocryology, geological environmental protection, evolutionary petrology, marine geology and nonlinear petroleum-gas geology.
      Members of the faculty have created a number of well-known schools such as the school of structural crystallography, the school developing the petroleum-gas basins concept, the school developing quantitative models of geological processes leading to the formation of hard mineral deposits and the school of problems of the Earth's evolution.
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