Russian Program
  Moscow University Soil Science Bulletin
  (Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta. Pochvovedenie)
  Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Sergei A. Shoba, Dean
  Faculty of Soil Science
  Moscow State University
  ISSN 0147-6874
  Vol. 62, 2007
  Published quarterly
  This journal is available online by subscription at
  ISSN (online): 1934-7928
  Distributed by Springer (see ordering information here)
  The Soil Science Faculty of Moscow State University is the largest and most multi-faceted educational and research institution in the field of soil science not only in Russia but perhaps in the world, and this journal is its official publication. Articles emanate from the Faculty's seven Departments of General Soil Science, Agrochemistry, Soil Biology, Soil Chemistry, Soil Geography, Soil Engineering, Physics and Melioration of Soils and Soil Erosion. The following are the main subject headings:
  • Genesis and geography of soils
  • Soil chemistry
  • Soil physics
  • Soil biology
  • Agrochemistry
      The journal's major emphasis in recent years has been on soil genesis and geography. Much attention is given to ecological matters such as new contamination of soils, soil cover structure dynamics and wasteland recultivation.
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