Russian Program
  Scientific and Technical Information Processing
  (Nauchno-Tekhnicheskaya Informatsiya. Seriya 1.
  Organizatsiya i Metodika Informatsionnoi Raboty)
  Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Ruggero S. Gilyarevskii, Head
  Dept. of Theoretical and Applied Problems of Informatics
  ISSN 0147-6882
  Vol. 34, 2007
  Published bimonthly
  Table of contents 2007
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  ISSN (online): 1934-8118
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  This journal is a publication of VINITI, the All-Russian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information, which is known throughout the world as the supplier of a wide variety of informational services. Articles in the journal cover organization and procedural aspects of scientific information analysis and processing. The journal is an invaluable resource for those engaged in library and information science. Some subjects covered are:
  • Scientific and technical data networks
  • Specialized technical information services
  • Special information market analysis
  • Databases and databanks
  • Information infrastructure development
  • New sources of industrial information
  • Hypertext technology for scientific research
  • Library classifications and acquisition policies
  • Data security and legal aspects of data resources
  • Activities of central and technical libraries
      Many articles concern organizational systems for institutes, industrial information systems, information flow, library user needs and comparison of Russian and foreign methods.
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