Russian Program
  Physics of Wave Phenomena
  (formerly, Physics of Vibrations ISSN 1069-1227)
  Editor-in-Chief: Academician Fyodor V. Bunkin, Director
  Wave Research Center
  Institute of General Physics (IOFAN)
  Russian Academy of Sciences
  ISSN 1541-308X
  Vol. 15, 2007
  Published quarterly
  This journal is available online by subscription at
  ISSN (online): 1934-9414
  Distributed by Springer (see ordering information here)
  Originally a supplement to the well-known Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics, Physics of Wave Phenomena is now a comprehensive journal publishing theoretical and experimental achievements of Russian physicists and their foreign counterparts in the modern physics of vibrations and waves, including a rich variety of applications in fundamental areas of phenomenology and technology.
  Specific topics of coverage are:
  • Nonlinear optics, acoustics and radiophysics
  • Nonlinear oscillations and wave phenomena, including nonlinear dynamics and chaos
  • Laser physics
  • Optical and other spectroscopies
  • New instruments and methods of measuring wave processes
  • Remote sensing of waves
  • Quantum and high-intensity fields
  • Laser microkinetics
      Physics of Wave Phenomena provides a forum for active researchers in these and related fields, being of particular interest for scientists and engineers working at interdisciplinary fronts.
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