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Bulletin of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory: Vol. 100 now available
Seismic Instruments: Vol. 40 now available
Special Offer: Reduced Subscription Rate for Physics of Wave Phenomena
Bulletin of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory: Vol. 100 now available
  This volume of the Bulletin publishes the Proceedings of the Conference "Sun and Space Weather," which was held at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory in June, 2003. The Conference was held in honor of the 90th anniversary of the birth of Academician A. B. Severnyi, a former Director of the Observatory who contributed much to the study of solar flares, solar and stellar magnetic fields and who was one of the first investigators of helioseismology.
  Contents of Vol. 100
  • Effects of magnetic field inclination in simple sunspots.
  • Plasma acceleration above a sunspot umbra.
  • The small-scale magnetic field structure in active regions.
  • Low-frequency oscillations in the solar photosphere: ground data and some SOHO satellite measurements.
  • Semiempirical models for the photosphere in a solar flare-active region.
  • Long-period variations in solar-spectrum Fraunhofer line parameters.
  • The Sun's general magnetic field: rotation in magnetic structures opposite in polarity.
  • A radiometer with two-bit ADC for examining solar radio bursts with the URAN-4 radio telescope.
  • Fractals and a possible soliton flare model.
  • Numerical 3D simulation of acoustic wave scattering by a sunspot.
  • Simulation of 2D compressible solar convection and the evolution of large-scale dynamic structures.
  • Wolf-number recovery of the heliospheric current layer inclination with respect to the solar equator.
  • Occurrence of the 160-min variation in riometer absorption.
  • Solar features studied from the ground and on the CORONAS-F satellite.
    Part 1. Observation methods and analysis of solar images in various spectral ranges.
  • Solar features studied from the ground and on the CORONAS-F satellite.
    Part 2. Magnetic fields at various heights in coronal holes.
  • Solar features studied from the ground and on the CORONAS-F satellite.
    Part 3. Coronal hole boundaries in relation to active features.
  • Microturbulence in solar granulation.
  • Height dependence of coronal brightness from SOHO/EIT-171 telescope observations in 1996-2002.
  • Origin of the global solar minima: solar system dynamic structure revealed by solar eclipses visible in Russia (1000-2050).
  • Roles of the Sun and planetary system in generating the 20-year cycle.
Bulletin of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory
  Vol: 100
Seismic Instruments: Vol. 40 now available
  Seismic Instruments Vol. 40 contains articles on geophysical instruments used in seismological research, including descriptions of their construction, working elements and technical specifications. Throughout there is an emphasis on geophysical monitoring with application of methods to search for earthquake precursors, to study earthquake preparation processes and to monitor natural and technogenic processes. Included are interpretations of results of instrument implementation.
  Contents of Vol. 40
  • The scope for forecasting earthquakes
  • Receiving and recording strain-gauge signals in the Aline32D system
  • Estimating the sensitivity of an ultrasonic sensor
  • Effects of friction on a Cardan frame for seabed seismic station detectors
  • Magnetoelastic geophone design
  • Vibrational protection of a GABL ballistic gravimeter
  • Observations on surface tilts with quartz tiltometers at the IZMIRAN station in 2002-2003
  • Seasonal periodicity of earth tremors with various energy and spatial characteristics in the Garm polygon
  • Diurnal periodicity in Garm polygon earth tremors
  • Effect of the Sun on seismicity and seismic noise
Seismic Instruments
  Vol. 40
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